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My Deme, Llc, company that designs and retails handbags and accessories 

The Designer

Design enthusiast, Obsessed with the details and fascinated with the endless lavish and stylish possibilities, our goal is to create quality handbags and accessories.

The Process

We’re not your traditional retail company, we’re focused on a positive customer experience as well as the environment. Our company is U.S. based and committed to a sustainable and eco-friendly, direct-to-consumer business model. Our goal is to enforce a positive impact on the environment, by cutting out unnecessary overstock and potential landfill waste. We think Green, we think differently.

Est. 2019        1 Designer       Worldwide Delivery

Inspired, TaffieCo.com has set out to create quality and stylish apparel. Products truly made for those, that see things differently. We’re obsessed over the details, but more importantly, Focused on the customer.

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